Football is a funny old game, as a wise pundit once quipped.  Such extreme emotions where you can lurch from agony to ecstasy with a kick of the ball.  From kick-off to final whistle, spectators and players are united in their intensity for what is happening on the pitch, often oblivious to what's going on elsewhere.

Where it's perfectly acceptable to be seen in public sporting a jester hat and face paint as long as it's the right colour. Where you'd quite happily hug a complete stranger or blub like a baby when that ball lands in the back of the net.

This is the kind of passion I seek to capture with my camera, whether shooting match action or creating a project on fan culture.

Hire me for an event and you'll find me shooting in a similar style, candid and observational, capturing the natural and surprising moments of the day. 

Life is much more fun that way.

Nikki Wilcock

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